Apostle Lydia Woodson-Sloley
Poetic Prophetic Teacher, Author, Inspirational Life Coach & Music Producer

Apostle Lydia is the Senior Pastor and founder of “Life In Its Poetic Form (LIPF) Christian Ministries, Inc.” in Brooklyn New York under the leadership of Apostle Callie Mae Jasper, Chief Prelate of Holy City Covenant Churches. She has served in ministry for over 20 years and is anointed to preach and teach the Word of God through her unique poetic prophetic style. This visionary leader is transforming lives nationally and internationally while serving her community and impacting lives through “Life Empowerment Workshops” highly praised by shelters for battered women, schools, churches and correctional facilities, where she volunteered and served in ministry for many years. 

From Apostle Lydia’s love for truth, inner beauty, coupled with her poetic prophetic gift and style, her book: “THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH CALLED TRUTH” was birthed and published in 2012. It reveals ten supernatural life-changing and preserving beauty secrets found God’s Word. She also published an audio book: “KNOWING YOURSELF THROUGH CHRIST”, which can be purchased on her website: www.swoman.info. In 2014, her book: “THE SUPERNATURAL WOMAN” was published and leaped to the top of the “2014 Amazon Editor’s Favorite Books” list with a Five Star rating. In it, the Apostle speaks God’s Word into existence through her phenomenal affirmation: “I’m A Supernatural Woman Serving A Supernatural God, Getting Supernatural Results.” 

Apostle Lydia challenges women across the globe and is impacting many women’s groups in India through SKYPE to move from mediocrity to excellence. She has partnered with two churches in southern and northern India in the establishment of “LIPF Supernatural Transformation Centers,” where she empowers women to start their own businesses through learning to read, sew, and computer literacy. “THE SUPERNATURAL WOMAN” has been translated into four of their languages including Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Srilanka. In 2016, this prolific author published: “THE SUPERNATURAL WOMAN PART 2.” 

Reaching new heights and taking the Christian world by storm, Apostle Lydia wrote and produced a powerful song entitled: “The Supernatural Woman,” which can be purchased on iTunes. Most recently, Star Network Arts & Entertainment honored Apostle Lydia as one of “Brooklyn’s 2015 Top 10 Women In Business.” She is an independent certified cable television producer, and she writes and produces her own cable broadcast: “Life In Its Poetic Form”, which was recently nominated for the “2016 B FREE” awards. It was voted “Best Original Television Broadcast”, nominated for “Best Producer” in 1990 by the Paragon Cable Public Access Television Awards, and cited as “The # 1 Healer in Public Access Television” in 1991 by New York Times News columnist, John Stark. 

Apostle Lydia is known as the “Poetic Preacher Present Moment Teacher” and for her spontaneous poetic prophetic quotes; one in particular, “If I’m losing, it’s what I’m choosing,” has caused many to take ownership of their personal responsibilities. She has proven to be steadfast and consistent in her belief and faith. Apostle Lydia Woodson-Sloley is an anointed woman of God who loves to say “Help me Holy Spirit”.